November 15, 2016 Emily Warren

Donald Trump: Where Does He Stand On Marijuana Legalization?

Now that Trump has won the election, people are wondering if marijuana will be legalized. There is a viral article going around Facebook and Twitter stating that the President Elect will legalize marijuana, but that is not the case.

Trump has supported the state’s decisions on legislating medical marijuana but hasn’t called for legalization.


“In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state … Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should happen — right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.” Trump told The Washington Post.


Earlier this year, Trump told Fox News that he’s:

“in favor of medical marijuana 100%.”

But keep in mind that he’s called Colorado’s legal marijuana industry a “real problem” in the same interview on Fox News.


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